Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth, or third molars as we call them, make their appearance usually during the teenage years, but may be seen even into the thirties. These molars can serve as normal teeth if there is enough room for them, which quite frankly is usually not the case.

When fully erupted they require more attention than most molars due to their more difficult accessibility. They can be subject to more gum & decay problems because they are harder to keep clean.
Removing these is the best done prior to their full development. Since teeth develop from the crown to the root tip, the roots actually develop last. Therefore it makes good sense to remove wisdom teeth before their potentially curvy root systems are formed.

I personally don’t find removal of most fully erupted wisdom teeth to be technically difficult. However, at the early stages of development when unerupted or when positioned poorly in the jaw bone, I recommend the services of an oral surgeon. Many general practitioners do all of their own surgery and do it very well. You would have to discuss this with your own dentist as far as determining what your special needs might call for.


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