It’s done; your children have finished their orthodontics.

Their beautiful smiles, a wonderful gift from Mom and Dad that they will enjoy for the rest of their lives. You really didn’t want them to grow up with teeth arranged like yours.

Orthodontics’ is not just for our children. You can improve your appearance and dental health both by having orthodontic treatment. The benefits may include better esthetics; increased ease in caring for your teeth and gums; and elimination of factors contributing to problems with your jaw position. Frequently, headaches, speech problems, and chewing problems are also eliminated. It will probably take longer for you as an adult to complete your treatment but not always.

Being evaluated by your dentist first and orthodontic second is usually the correct way to proceed. An x-ray called a scan or panorex is usually taken to begin the evaluation. Your chosen orthodontist will make models of your mouth and probably more x-rays.

Braces come in different materials and applications. The selection which is proper for your particular needs should be discussed with your orthodontic specialist.

Cost can vary greatly. There is a wide range in fees due to the length of time braces must be worn and the severity of the problem being corrected.


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