Those Wide Open Spaces!

Here’s a good one for you. You like everything about your smile but you’ve got spaces between some or all of your teeth. What can you do?

First of all, spaces may occur for all kinds of reasons. I saw a patient the other day who had an undersized front tooth which left a large gap next to it. I also saw someone recently who never got one of their front teeth. This left room for the other teeth to shift position. However, the most common spacing I see is one where the front teeth are separated (A Diastema.)

So what do you do? Many people don’t do anything. I mean, shoot David letterman has a space between his front teeth and I don’t think you’ll see it disappear in my lifetime. But you may want to eliminate some space and here are your best options.

  1. Have your teeth orthodontically (braces) move together. It takes time and it’s expensive, but many times it’s the best way to do it.
  2. Crown your teeth with porcelain crowns. This is a possibility, but it’s a very aggressive treatment.
  3. Veneer your front teeth with sheets of porcelain called laminates.

Many times the teeth require little or no enamel removal. They are the beautiful smile you see throughout Hollywood. And, yeas, they are expensive, but no more than good crowns. You can even preview what they will look like with wax models and imaging


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