Latex allergies can be serious …

Allergic responses to natural rubber latex is recognized as a serious problem for health care workers and the general population as well. Since 1980 the incidences of reaction to latex have dramatically increased. You may not even realize how often you come into contact with latex but you will find it all around you. From rubber bands and toys to stretchy clothes and makeup, it is everywhere. I suppose I should be savvier about this subject since my son Stephen is allergic to latex. However, just recently I loaned him a pair of binoculars to use and didn’t know the eye cups were latex. He had a classic allergic response consisting if itchy red swollen eyes. Carried to the extreme, latex allergies can be life threatening. Even inhaling the powder from the latex gloves can cause asthma like symptoms.

If you suspect that you are allergic to latex, please inform your dentist so that he or she may select another type of glove for your treatment. Lastly, if you suffer with symptoms such as low blood pressure, nausea, labored breathing, hives, tingling sensations or itchiness, following exposure to latex, let your dentist know immediately.


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