Go Gold

Why do you still see gold restoration and crown? Experts have again stated that gold is the best restorative material unless there are aesthetic considerations. For those, a plethora of tooth colored, natural looking restorations are available.

Historically, however, the longest lasting dental material has been gold. Why? Gold wears at the same rate as enamel. Additionally, it actually improves over time because it has the property of burnishing; that is to say, it gets smoother toward the tooth as the metal is slowly pressed toward the tooth surface from chewing and brushing. This is very important around the margins. No other material does this.

Gold also conducts thermal; changes and expands and contracts with the tooth. Additionally, less tooth needs to be removed to make room for a gold crown. It’s a more conservative treatment.

Gold has always been an investment in your dental future. The Egyptians of ancient times knew this and used gold to restore teeth, just as modem dentistry does, and for the same reason.


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